Jeffrey Carl Faden (jeffreyatw) wrote,
Jeffrey Carl Faden

2397 Combo on World Tour, Classic, The legend of MAX, Genom Screams Double, bag Double

Geoff's birthday party was roxing :D

He had the perfect idea of renting out Starbase for the evening, so everything was on free play. Best party idea ever. Along with the pizza (Amici's sausage!) and cake (with ice cream layer!) and, like, the entire Drake crew.

And, of course, since DDR Extreme was on free play, I got a LOT out of that. I think free play makes me do better since I'm not scared of spending my money wisely by choosing my songs carefully - since I have to focus less on winning and more on playing, I do much better. The machine did crash a lot as usual, though, because of the faulty old CD-ROM drive, but hey, it was still free, so no worries. This is what I did:

World Tour Oni - I screwed up by mixing up two steps in Living In America, but after that I full-combo'd every song, including the jumps in Afronova. This gave me a final score of 7136 and a maximum combo of 2397. None of us had ever seen anyone go beyond a 2000 combo, so that was quite exciting.

Classic - The machine crashed two times earlier in the night as James and I started off on this course, but the third time's a charm, I guess... I full-combo'd Saints Go Marching, and unfortunately James slipped up on End of the Century, but here's the best part - during Kakumei, the machine froze yet again. Fortunately, I was on the left side and I was able to catch most of the notes after the game resumed, so I only lost 3 notes at once. But I started into it with a full meter and I full-combo'd the rest of the song, so I ended up with about 30 misses as the final result (since the machine catches up with the song after defrosting by skipping all of those notes :P).

The legend of MAX - I never noticed how freaking simple this song is. Despite the speed, I'd say it's easier than MAX 300, just as long as you get the rhythm down. I chose it as my first song as sort of a joke, to psyche out the other player, but I ended up making it through the whole song. It was just surprising, really.

Genom Screams Double - I said I'd own this song sooner or later and I did. It's worthy of its 10-foot status. Right as we were about to leave the arcade I decided to go crazy and attempt this, so just like I didn't expect much out of LOM, I just stormed through this one. The freeze arrows with the simple quarter-steps really help bring your bar up, by the way. I can't say I was perfect at the beginning part that goes with the melody.

bag Double - I tried this right after Genom Screams Double. And yeah, it was on 3x Solo. But you know, it's still passing it. By a lot, I might add. After that I tried MAX 300 Double, and although I got to the freeze, the arrows after that are simply insane.

So yeah, that was my best DDR night ever, by far.

So afterwards we all drove over to Geoff's for sleepovars, and I brought my anime collection. We watched Blood: The Last Vampire, two out of three episodes of Memories, Monty Python and the Holy Grail, the two prologue episodes of Ruroni Kenshin/Samurai X, and in the morning we started off on Metropolis. And I had orange cream yogurt and Vanilla Coke for breakfast. Geoff knows how to party. :D

So today it's mailing in a lot of forms for my "Wilderness Orientation" later in the summer, and starting off on website work with new client's of my mom's.
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