Jeffrey Carl Faden (jeffreyatw) wrote,
Jeffrey Carl Faden

Leave your Earth behind

No...! Must... not get artsy... with titles...! So yeah, that's all like the second line from "Come With Us" by the Chemical Brothers, which, after much reciting of the first line by James, I have come to know and love. I played that, along with "Boards of Canada - Aquarius" (ORANGE!) for 80's Boy and now he's officially... uh... someone who's heard both of those.

I put up my flag in the school library after classes today. It took 6 janitors, a ladder, and a few pieces of duct tape, but now we have it so the colossal thing blocks all sunlight into the room for a week. It's a reminder that stuff happened or something and therefore THE SUN IS GONE!!!

Tonight's Erev Rosh Hashanna, so that means that the whole Jewish community of the whole world packs into a giant auditorium and stands up and sits down for two hours. One cool part: Lauren was in the choir! You all remember Lauren, don't you? No? Good!

Tomorrow it will be more Rosh Hashanna goodness, and then I have to miss Bryan's DDRTY for MacBeth which is about people who like smearing themselves in blood and doing other cool things.

Existentialists are not all depressed and suicidal. I mean, look at me. Although I wouldn't mind if I crashed into a wall and died in an inferno, I'm still as happy as a meerkat (one which is usually happy and doesn't often get eaten by birds).

Wow something tells me that it's getting late because I can't finish sentences anymore without YEAH THAT'S RIGHT

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