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The Oasis is the best thing to ever happen. I said a bit about it earlier, but damn, I've gotta go into depth about this...

All right. You've got the biweekly garage band concert at the teen center downtown, with the arcade up the street, and the ice cream parlor down the street. You throw in a small parking lot with about a hundred outcasts from around the Marin. And you've got yourself the best time in the world.

Being the outcast, I'm not invited to beer-bash parties with thumpin' DJs and drugs up the wazoo. Instead, I have to go out and find my own entertainment. But it hasn't been until recently that I've started going to the Oasis and discovering what my friends have been doing for years.

It's a few intense hours of bonding, through making really obnoxious noises, causing a chain reaction of "EYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!" throughout the whole lot, having people make you carry them around, or actually talking about common interests. Whatever it is, anything goes, and you have no chance of being rejected. The bottom is pretty damn sweet.

So I don't know. I'll list names again. Max, Omid, Felix, Steve, Nessa, Simeon, 80's, Jeff, Adam, Bryan, Hannah, Levi, Simon, Haley, Jordan, and that guy who looks like Jay (yes, I know he wasn't there again). In other words, people I know really well were all there.

We stopped off at Starbase 1 for DDR again and I had Pepsi Blue again. Chris was there running the night shift again (that guy is TEH awesome). I got an A on some 7-footer - my greatest accomplishment, I guess.

So went a night of tossing Hannah from guy to guy, drinking butter-flavored steamed milk, avoiding Bryan's Hand Of Barf, and RECORDING PEOPLE (which will go online very soon). I drove Bryan and Adam back home (they both live on really tall yet separate hills, those bastards), thought of an idea for a new webcomic series (all jokes take place in CARS!) and then went home and wrote a blog - guess which one.

Oh, let's rewind in time - the DDR Club first meeting went well. We didn't play DDR, though. James didn't bring the AC cable for my PlayStation (I lost mine a while ago) so we just spent the period going over rules, plans, and other things. It went really well for not actually doing anything (and being locked out of the room we were supposed to be in - stupid new teacher).

James is planning on making a DDR Club website. Bad idea.

Oh, and voyeurism will be the theme for the new century.

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