Jeffrey Carl Faden (jeffreyatw) wrote,
Jeffrey Carl Faden


My sister got my headphones caught in my swivel chair, rolled over them, and disconnected the wires in multiple places. Oh well, they were cheap... but comfy! Durn.

Anyway, today was sweet because I woke up around 11, finished SCH55, and then hung out at Hannah's for the rest of the day.

We were crammed into one seat in a car while trying to drop off items to charity (to no avail), and passed right by the arcade. Oh well, I guess we did do enough DDR in 24 hours. Whatever.

But we went home and I tried working on stupid AOL for a million years. For some reason, her installation of IE is corrupt, so it doesn't allow FTP access through AOL. I ended up giving her access to my family's Pacific Bell account but it shouldn't affect anybody, heheh.

We had Chinese food and Hannah pretty much treated me as an extension to the chair which I didn't mind at all. (And um, maybe "extension" isn't the right word.)

But I installed Trillian for her, and she took a visit into #rpgcomics. She also let me borrow a DVD of the Who's Tommy. Fun, fun day.

I changed my autocam link to the cam portal. It's so damn fun to stare at. And I will be updating my information on the About page now.

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