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Special brownies to anyone who got the subject's reference.

Something hit me last night, and it was painful.

Something ELSE hit me last night, but it was more like an idea than a blunt object. Why shouldn't I be going to Comic Con? I have nothing to do next weekend. It sounds like hells o' fun. And although it's geographically about 3 average-sized states away, it's in San Diego, which is still in California.

I asked my parents about it this morning. They thought it was ridiculous, as did I, but they thought it was possible, as did I, but their main concern was money, as was mine. I don't really have much.

I DO have some sort of job this summer. Despite the fact that I've applied to big lots of places (not including Big Lots, but uh... I said "big lots" anyway), I've ended up working with my mom on website design. This is nice, but it really just pays for food, which my dad and stepmom have decided to stop paying for for some really stupid reason.

Basically, my parents are being chinsey and making me pay for the whole goddamn excursion, which would include transportation there and back, registration, lodging, food, and of course, spending money for the wonders of Comic Con. I don't see why they're a little more helpful in the money department seeing as they haven't given me any money since the summer started, but that's life.

Another thing they're concerned about is transportation there. I think driving my car (with 170000 miles on it) there and back is not a bad idea. They're sure it'll break down. I asked about taking one of their cars. They said that it's still a long drive and that they want me to spend an extra $100 taking a plane or Greyhound. But then, of course, I'd need a car in San Diego. Really, I would. I can't rent one - I need to be 25 for that - and although public transportation might be an okay idea, it requires just that much more planning.

Grace and Sophie have expressed interest in going as well. Grace says she's going to San Diego one way or another, even if she doesn't get the pass that her friend might have gotten her. It'd just be so much easier and cost so much less if I could drive. Know what the main problem about my money troubles is, though (Or, the problem about my problem)?

Remember when I blogged about that accident I got into on the freeway? It was a simple rear-end accident, but sooner or later I think I'm going to have to pay the guy about $500 for car repairs. That's definitely coming out of my expenses. And seeing how I've already spent a lot of money on food, driving, and other activities, I might not even be able to pay that.

As I'm writing this, I'm starting to become very doubtful that this is a good idea at all. I just don't think I'm in the financial situation to be doing this sort of thing. Unless someone wants to donate about $500 more to me through PayPal for the whole thing. Heh. Hah. Yeah.

Does anyone else have any suggestions? Is anyone else going there that might have room in a car or a place to stay in SD? Am I crazy for thinking of this 3 days before the con starts? I NEEED FEDBACK PLZ!!!!!!!!
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