Jeffrey Carl Faden (jeffreyatw) wrote,
Jeffrey Carl Faden


Today I took the SAT IIs in Writing, Math II, and French. It went okay.
I did my best in writing. Although I couldn't give my essay (on consciousness) the conclusion it deserved, I completed all the questions and could find a good answer for almost all of them.
French was... all right. I didn't get to a lot and there was much more reading comprehension than I thought... and vocab was a bitch.
Math II? I curse my dad for convincing me to take it. It's not completely his fault, though - the awful Peterson's Math I and II prep book was so inaccurate that it made the Math II look like a piece of cake... which so goddamn wasn't. I'm going to have to take the Math I later, I guess.

Right after the SATs, James, Omid and I went over to the mall, where I picked up my long-awaited copy of Kingdom Hearts. I've gotten as far as being able to take control of the Gummi Ship, and it's AMAZING. All the Final Fantasy characters simply excite me. I have yet to see Cloud or Sephiroth, though. Oooooh.

I went DDRing with JamesBryanAdam. James did Rhythm and Police again and GODDAMN STOP THAT IT HURTS. Because it's good. And then we sang about vaginas KoRn-style on the way home.

...your period and...

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