Jeffrey Carl Faden (jeffreyatw) wrote,
Jeffrey Carl Faden

100 Votes and Maybe More

Almasy Marquis's new site design is friggin' awesome. Check out that shiznit.

As you can see from today's comic, I am slightly peeved about what gets the attention of most internet users out there. And I was just thinking... of course the art style could be totally co-incidental, but I'd like to see a pencil-and-paper drawing by this Mr. Furious character. Then we'll see how much of an artist this guy is. Of course, I shouldn't be talking.

DDRty last night - we modded our two cheap pads to perfection. Medium-density fiberboard, thick vinyl floor runner, double-sided duct and packaging tape, and one whole lot of thapleth. (The ones we put in were too far apart and most came out, so I came back the next day with my dad's electric staple gun. WHEE HEE!)

The pads work perfectly, and the decision to put an extra layer of floor runner underneath the buttons worked out perfectly - they're probably the best pads I've danced on, even off the arcade. Our club will now rock.

Unfortunately, I can barely fit them in my car, so I think they'll be staying at school. Fortunately, they're too heavy to be stolen.

Anyway, the party was complete with some awesome music CDs compiled by James, lots of pizza, soda, and brownies, DDR 3rd and 5th Mix, and some Newgrounds classics.

This picture is so ninesome.

Then I had to drive Sophie all the way back to Woodacre (read: far away in the middle of nowhere), but that was fine since I picked up a giant piña colada slushee and we got very close to running these racers over (people running 300 miles for the cure through the freezing night, ugh).

Time to do homework. I also should get to drawing a lot of scantilly clad girls for tomorrow's comic.

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