Jeffrey Carl Faden (jeffreyatw) wrote,
Jeffrey Carl Faden

It's Been a Productive Day!

I've finished a remix of Big Tsu's Turnover (+lyrics!), and it sounds pretty sweet. But I won't publicly release it just yet. I have big plans for it, uwee hee hee.

But here's something I will release: my first completed DDR song! I've made steps to One Winged Angel, and you can play it on your computer. Here's how.

1) Download StepMania and install it. It's the best Windows DDR emulator by far.

2) Download the One Winged Angel step zip file. You'll need WinZip or whatever. UPDATO: BLARG IT WORKS NOW.

3) Unzip the file into StepMania/Songs/Original/ - where it should create a new folder, "One Winged Angel." Now, download this MP3 into that folder.

Now, when you start StepMania, the song should appear when you start the game, either under the "Original" or "All Music" category. Have funz0r - I've made Basic (4 foot), Trick (6 foot), and Maniac (9 foot) steps.

Oh, and as for having been productive in the category of school homework over the break? Ha ha, that's a good one.

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