Jeffrey Carl Faden (jeffreyatw) wrote,
Jeffrey Carl Faden


I'm planning on blogging a lot more this summer. But to keep people interested and to keep from wearing myself out, I'm going to try to blog about smaller topics each day. I don't know. Sort of like a comic with a different topic each day, only it's text. It should be fun!

Topic for today: I'm going to New York next week. Sunday to Sunday. I'll be visiting the relatives on my mom's side of the family... the main event is really seeing one of my cousins, Matthew, who's recovering from Leukemia. He got it earlier this year, so I'm sure he's still quite weak. It'll be interesting.

Matthew is a twin - his brother Adam always seemed to be a little better-developed, put bluntly. Matt has some eye problems as well, like one of his eyes is lazy and he wears glasses. But they're both great guys. It'll be fun to have a short reunion of sorts.

Next blog: My job situation!

ADDENDUM: I'll also be trying to add some interesting links. This one - - is a must-read about Garfield, the comic that ruined my childhood.
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