Jeffrey Carl Faden (jeffreyatw) wrote,
Jeffrey Carl Faden

So Bob asks me for a site design for his new LJ username and guess what happens:

Site design COMPLETE!

And I'm damn proud of it, too. It relies heavily on PNG transparency. What's that you say? IE doesn't support PNG transparency? Well let me tell you a little something something, mister! [warning nerd speak ahead]

Okay so yeah, IE is a retard and doesn't have native support for PNGs with alpha transparency. Me 'n the gang at #4toontellers, though, were brainstorming a few ways of overcoming this.

First of all, there was some god-awfully long and complicated PHP extraction process, but that wouldn't work since LiveJournal pages cannot be PHP.

Then, we came across a JavaScript technique that seemed slightly simpler, and I tried implementing it, and... okay, LiveJournal doesn't allow JavaScript code

So third, we come across this freaky easy CSS approach that takes nothing to implement. Woo! So there you have the giant corner images that just blend into the grid background.

The only problem is, this works for images that use the IMG tag, but not PNGs that are used as background images in tables. So the blog tables in the site design will appear slightly different in IE (read: opaque). Firefox (to which I've decided to switch over) and other non-stupid (read: IE) browsers will display the tables in a really awesome semi-transparent fading doohickey awesome.

Oh and it took a really long time to get rid of unnecessary scrollbars and to keep some elements static while others scroll. Woo! But it was a great exercise in CSS and it taught me a lot. Good and fun times.
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