Jeffrey Carl Faden (jeffreyatw) wrote,
Jeffrey Carl Faden

Well, that didn't work...

So I made it early to my orientation at Trader Joe's; the guy who was going to orient me and two other guys was on his lunch break.

I went shopping around Montecito Center, got back, the guy was there, two other people didn't show up. We decided to start without them, and first thing guy asks of me is a birth certificate. I remember EXACTLY what my interviewer told me to do, and he did NOT mention any birth certificate. Guess I should bring that to future orientations from now on...

So I drive back, scamper around frantically for my birth certificate, find my passport instead which should be just as good, drive back to T.J.'s, and my passport has expired since I've turned 18. Okay!

The orientation has been postponed until next Monday, 12:30. (note to self.) Ugh. I guess I can apply to Quizno's in the meantime, since my T.J.'s position is a part-time night shift...
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