Jeffrey Carl Faden (jeffreyatw) wrote,
Jeffrey Carl Faden

FFXI complete!

I got Rank 6 in FFXI!!! Hooray for me.

Part of my party, waiting to teleport to Xarcabard. Zephyre, or Mike from Marin Catholic, is the leader of my linkshell, and Juliano's a friend of his. I started around the same time that Zephyre did, but he's always been ahead of me.

Just like any other FF final boss, the Shadow Lord has multiple phases... his second and final phase took like 5 seconds, though, since everyone used their 2-hour desperation abilities and smacked him down.

Forgot to get some screenshots of me talking to the Star Sibyl and acheiving Rank 6, but oh well... here are some shots of Gilgamesh instead.

Now that I'm finished, what I actually do with my copy of FFXI, and my character, Jefurii, is up for debate. I COULD give all my armor, items, and money away to my in-game friends, and delete my character. But I'm thinking... does anyone else want the game?

It's the PC version, runs well on any computer over about 1.5GHz with an adequate video card.

Costs would be $40 to me, and $13/month for the subscription, BUT you don't just start the game with nothing - I'd be selling it for much less if I wasn't giving it away with my level 54 Red Mage, Jefurii.

Selling the character himself is against Square Enix's terms of service, but selling the game (with an active PlayOnline ID) is not. I don't want Jefurii's legacy to die!

Another thing is that Jefurii's Rank 6, so a lot of the drudge missions are over and done with. After acheiving Rank 6, that's when the missions (and game overall) get really fun. Yeah, I know, I'm stopping, but I've got better things to do. :P

So... anyone interested at all? I could maybe even sell it for less if anyone is really interested. I don't know. I just put a lot of hard work into Jefurii and deleting him would make me feel pretty bad. :\
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