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14 August 2004 @ 04:32 pm
James's tournament at MGL was awesome. It started late, as expected, but ended ON TIME, due to the quick and painless division by 2 for each round.

All applicants entered doing Heavy improv freestyle, 8 qualified. Then each qualifier coupled off and did Light improv freestyle. The top 4 then were assigned awful songs for Beginner improv freestyle - and the top 2? OFF-PAD DANCING FACE-OFF TO GENERAL BEMANI. TOTAL AWESOMES.

I helped drive James around and did some pretty awful PA during rounds (except for a doubles Genom Screams which I got 20 greats on, woo woo). Had a lot of fun. Got to play beatmania III and GF11/DM10 a lot, too.

I can be seen in the following video at the right of the screen, standing on the DDR machine's pads. I'm the guy who accidentally changes songs on the boombox around 6:23. :P And James is standing in front of the door.


EDIT: Paolo's post is better, as always. Damn, I can't remember that much. Too busy jacking off or something. But the "Jeffery" of which he speaks is me, Jeffrey.
James: winnairecaptaincanada on August 14th, 2004 08:33 pm (UTC)
20 greats?! Kayoss had like 37 when I saw him do it, and he's usually pretty insane...that's impress.

Thanks again for the ride, glad you enjoyed round fo'.