Jeffrey Carl Faden (jeffreyatw) wrote,
Jeffrey Carl Faden


I don't have a roommate; life is pretty sweet. I'm totally into the groove of the new year. My big ol' double looks nice with a few new posters, and I even treated myself to a new speaker system. My old friends are still around, and of course, I'm making a few new ones.

But here's my complaint...

As a second-year who seems to have it all figured out, there's a great number of people that stop by my door (which is, like last year, always open), but instead of just saying hello or checking to see how I'm doing, they come and complain about how I'm always on the computer. Whenever they walk by! Oh no!

Someone even stopped in my room the other day while I was playing an online game with Saku the other night, jokingly mocked the techno song that was playing on iTunes, and left. Okay, thanks for your time.

Let's get something straight: I leave my door open a whole freaking lot more than anyone else on my hall. Like 90% of the time that I'm in my room, my door's open. It's to maintain social contact with the outside world, while taking care of my obligations and recreations.

This might sound unhealthy or self-deprecating or whatever, but I am a COMPUTER GUY. I'm a total geek; I do everything on the computer. I compose music on the computer. I design websites. I read. I do my homework (yes, all of it is done on the computer this quarter). I talk with my friends; I play games online with my friends; I plan events in the outside world. Well-rounded? No. Happy about it? You better goddamn recognize.

When I'm invited to do things outside my room, I do it. I still regularly go downtown and have fun, supposedly more often than the rest of my hall. But seriously, there's nothing else to do in any other area of my room. Am I supposed to sit on my bed and read books I haven't been assigned? Do they want me to play my piano more often (the one that is DIRECTLY to the left of me, that I use to compose music)?

I just treat it as the usual peer pressure-type attitude, where if I'm not spending every night partying and getting totally shitfaced, I'm not experiencing college. I'm sorry, but what I'm doing is what I like to call a good use of my time.

Besides, don't you college kiddies have better things to do than come and criticize your peers?

edit: BLAH, I forgot to mention one of the biggest reasons I'm on the computer all the time: I've got a part-time job at Sun, working remotely from my dorm. I'm supposed to work up to 4 hours a day. If mega-money isn't a good reason, then...
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