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31 October 2004 @ 01:09 am
New BMS... please play it :(  
BMS - Theme to 忍者シェフあやか (BM Version) (4.63 MB)

It's a much smaller download this time, since I encoded everything in 8-bit Stereo PCM @ 22KHz, except for the background files, which are at a nice 44KHz.

Contrary to the previous BMS I made, it's got BGM now... and while it still has a prominent bass drum beat (like other beatmania eurobeat songs), it's definitely got a lot of variation in terms of what else is being played... for example, some of the time you're playing the lead, other times the guitar, other times piano, other times backup vocals.

Download MixWaver][ and try it out. Extract it, place the FOLDER CONTAINING the files in the Archetype zip in the same directory as mixwaver2.exe, open the program. You can either "listen" to it or "play" it.

Difficulties: 5 key (7☆), Light 7 (4☆), 7 key (6☆), Another 7 (7☆).