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My own view.

I've been linking some interesting political stuff in the past few days, but unfortunately haven't really given much of my own opinion, and thus have had my personal political views explained only through the sort of stuff I've linked. To be specific, of course, I'm referring to Bob's recent post.

This is exactly where I stand:
- I believe, accept, and support the results of the election
- My president is George W. Bush
- I do not support the direction of George W. Bush's previous term
- I do not support the great majority of his plans for the upcoming term
- I do not want to secede from the nation

Now, to get into less black and white issues:

Of course, a lot of people are joking about the North breaking off from the South. Some are more serious. I'm sure the guy from would love to. I... well, I'm split on the issue.

The political atmosphere these days is still split. As much as Kerry would like to pretend that he wants everyone to go suck on Bush's presidential penis because he's the president of America, I doubt that a great number of people truly want to practice bipartisanship in this time. The mudslinging, from what I can see, went too far this time. Even after a while, Kerry was able to come out and say that Bush's policies have devastated this nation. You can't retract a claim like that. (Of course, people who believe Kerry's a fucking sandal or something goddamn retarded like that would take that sort of "retraction" with a grain of salt.)

What action is there to be taken after we've already acted (see: the election)? I really don't see much at all, legally. The Republican right owns the government. All three branches of government are RED. Get used to "red" and "blue," they're long-overdue buzzwords.

What happened a little less than 200 years ago, when people weren't being treated equally and the country was sharply divided on issues? Civil war. It'd be cute to think the same sort of thing could happen again, but guess who's on the pacifist side, and guess who has no governmental control to start such a thing. To think that the same people that didn't want America killing people of other countries now want other Americans dead is ridiculous. At least, I'd hope that the majority of us liberals wants a non-violent solution.

So what sort of stuff do we have today?

Sure, it's powerful; sure, it's cute. Will it accomplish anything? As much as any other protest will. Great, no signs, no stickers. I like the approach; those signs and stickers are fucking annoying. But it's still a blatant grasp for publicity.

Basically what I'm getting at is this: I have no idea what to do, besides sitting and telling America "I told you so." I don't believe in complaning, I don't believe in seceeding. I believe in educating - the links I pass around are meant to inform my friends and visitors of some interesting viewpoints (that, of course, I often agree with at least partially).

But after all is said and done, I'm still an American, and I hope, no matter who's in control, that this country makes good decisions and does what's most positive as a whole. I have no faith in my president, I expect him to fuck shit up locally and abroad, but I'm certainly not going to encourage those sorts of actions. Just because I accept the facts doesn't mean I've given up, or given in.

edit: Another nice viewpoint, you can tell whether I agree with it all by re-reading my post.
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