Jeffrey Carl Faden (jeffreyatw) wrote,
Jeffrey Carl Faden

Hey guess what ;)

EDIT - Totally forgot to mention - you can get a Nintendo DS from this site soon. It's not offered yet, but sign up and once they do offer it, you can change your choice before you order it!

Look what I'm trying again!

Yep, another centric offers-type thing where I sign up with them, sign up with a partner company, get my friends to do the same thing, and the money from the affiliate referrals is enough to buy me a nice piece of electronics. And this time it's a game console!

Best part about this - latest-generation consoles are only ~$100-150 now, so this offer only requires THREE people to complete it. I only need 3! And they DO have affiliate offers with free trials - I signed up with Blockbuster, and they have a free trial - I haven't paid anything.

So who's interested? Very easy, hassle-free, and they even have a cute little thing that says they won't send any spam. (BTW, ever since I got my free iPod, I haven't had any problems with spam either.) Help me out (because I might have helped you out with the iPod thing in the past) and we'll see how this thing pans out!

BTW, it's risk-free, legitimate, blah blah blah...

edit - BTW, once I get enough referrals, I'll change my link if the person I signed up under didn't get enough... and if he did, I'll change it to the first person who signed up under me. Just trying to help y'all out. :P
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