Jeffrey Carl Faden (jeffreyatw) wrote,
Jeffrey Carl Faden

Yes, one more time.

This is for cameras. While I already have a camera, I'm not exactly doing it for that reason - I'm doing it because this company offers GIFT CERTIFICATES AS AN ALTERNATIVE TO CAMERAS.

That means, if I get 4 people to sign up under me and complete an offer, this company will make $200 and send that amount to me through a WebCertificate</a>. And of course, you can too if you get 4 people to sign up. $200 in cash, spendable anywhere on the net. Read up at WebCertificate's site for more details.

So come on, sign up. It's legitimate - I've talked to people who have gotten their cameras, others who have gotten their certificates, and you can read even more testimonials on PrizeCube's forums. I only need 4 people to sign up - and YES, those who signed up under me for consoles can do the same for cameras.

All you need to do is select a new offer this time; I suggest RealArcade. It's a FREE 30-DAY TRIAL that you only need to be signed up to for a day or so until your account is confirmed, and then you can quit online, with no charge at all. I'd say it's worth it for $200, wouldn't you?

Thanks again for putting up with this, those who aren't interested.
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