July 9th, 2005


Driving day

7:30a - Drove Lily and me to Gold's Gym in Corte Madera. Walked Java. (5.1 mi)

9:00a - Drove to Tully's, discovered that they can make ANYTHING iced!!! (1.4 mi)

9:10a - Drove back home. (5.0 mi)

11:30a - Drove Lily to Kate's in Novato. (14 mi)

12:00p - Drove back home. (14 mi)

2:30p - Drove back to Kate's to pick Lily up. (14 mi)

3:00p - Drove to Mom's in Terra Linda, dropped Lily off. (10 mi)

3:30p - Drove to Quick Lube in San Rafael, had oil changed. Walked Java again. (3.6 mi)

4:00p - Drove back to Mom's. (3.6 mi)

4:30p - Drove back home. (5.6 mi)

5:00p - Drove to Marinwood to pick Brad up. (7.3 mi)

5:30p - Drove back home. Played MDKD and IIDX. (7.3 mi)

7:30p - Drove to Sushi to Dai For in San Rafael, dragon 'n' rainbow rolled it up. (2.5 mi)

8:30p - Drove Brad back home. (5.4 mi)

9:00p - Drove back home. (7.3 mi)

Wish I kept track of how many miles I drove today. That's like... trips ahoy. 1000 trips delicious.
Total: 106 miles. Wowee.