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I feel mentally destroyed. I've probably worked harder this week so far (Sunday, Monday, Tuesday) than I have, well, at least this entire quarter. I just came back from a final. I was feeling pretty insane afterwards.

I've got a huge paper to finish up today, as it's due tomorrow... well, procrastination works really well so I'm sure the paper will turn out fine. But I need a rest for, say, an hour. I'm really, like, mentally pooped. Trying to stay on pitch for an entire hour does that to you.

A lot is on the line in these next few days; how I perform on my upcoming assignments and finals will determine whether I have to pay for the entire quarter out of my own pocket or not. But I'm not really thinking about that. If I thought about that constantly, I'd probably go insane. I'm just thinking about the next assignment I have to do, and going from there.

I can barely type coherently.

This Winter vacation will be quite relaxing, I'm sure.
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