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I think I just have to make this Friends Only due to the content. Maybe once it's in the archives I'll make it public. :P

jeffreyatw: I think the majority of the world agrees that penises are better than vaginas.
FyrefoxZ: really? why's that?
jeffreyatw: I don't know, I was just getting that vibe.
jeffreyatw: That vaginas were sorta weird and penises were wholesome genitalia.
FyrefoxZ: lol
jeffreyatw: I'm sure there's a big following for vaginas too though
FyrefoxZ: you're a misogynist! you vagina hater! lol
jeffreyatw: well the thing is
jeffreyatw: girls are the more beautiful gender
jeffreyatw: but penises are the better genitalia
jeffreyatw: but I don't know what my thoughts on dickgirls is
FyrefoxZ: how are penises better, though? i mean, you can see them through pants sometimes
FyrefoxZ: and that's kinda weird
jeffreyatw: how does that make it bad though
jeffreyatw: You can't get anything caught in a penis
FyrefoxZ: because most people don't want to see other people's genitalia in public
FyrefoxZ: lol i'm sure you can
jeffreyatw: and uh
jeffreyatw: well there's the bleeding thing, you don't have to deal with that
FyrefoxZ: i've heard of people who stick screwdrivers in their penis-holes, ok? lol it's amazing what you can do with your body
jeffreyatw: rHINADhtodainhtodahta
jeffreyatw: dhalrhinaeoihrna
jeffreyatw: 'hraehnaepoirhnq043986jn009ea6yifdyhqerah
jeffreyatw: SHYRT UP.
jeffreyatw: That's one thing I hate to talk about is sticking things in urethras
jeffreyatw: AAAAAAAAAAAA
FyrefoxZ: lol bleeding doesn't come from vaginas, it comes from the uterus
FyrefoxZ: lol
jeffreyatw: I saw this video
jeffreyatw: ok
jeffreyatw: I'm going to talk about something else
jeffreyatw: i'm still a member of the penis fan club though
FyrefoxZ: lol yay, you're gay!
jeffreyatw: no dude
jeffreyatw: guys aren't hot they're just like buhhh i'm a guy
jeffreyatw: but penises are great I swear
FyrefoxZ: you like penis best, though!
FyrefoxZ: lol
jeffreyatw: It's more penis pride than it is an actual love for penises
jeffreyatw: Like
jeffreyatw: You really like John Kerry
jeffreyatw: But it's not like you want to have wild mad dogsex with him
FyrefoxZ: lol
FyrefoxZ: i can see your point
jeffreyatw: I salute penises, but not with my own
FyrefoxZ: haha you're funny jeffy
jeffreyatw: I'm probably just really tired
FyrefoxZ: probably : D

jeffreyatw: Penises are better than vaginas.
mechaROCKETpunch: totally
jeffreyatw: I think the majority of the world agrees on that.
mechaROCKETpunch: yessir
jeffreyatw: Yeah.
jeffreyatw: But that's weird because women are hotter than men, the majority of the world agrees on that too.
jeffreyatw: I guess it's a trade-off, and that's why dickgirl porn exists.
mechaROCKETpunch: best of both worlds
jeffreyatw: terazactly
mechaROCKETpunch: yeah, i never thought about how big the tranny market was
mechaROCKETpunch: i mean, check in the back of the SF bay guradian
mechaROCKETpunch: 3 pages dedicated to chicks with dicks
jeffreyatw: Wow
mechaROCKETpunch: you're looking at the face, and it's like, wow, she's cute...
mechaROCKETpunch: and then it's like TS (transexual)
jeffreyatw: You know
jeffreyatw: I
jeffreyatw: Man.
jeffreyatw: I have to sit and think about that for a while.
jeffreyatw: What are my thoughts on dickgirls.
mechaROCKETpunch: hahah
mechaROCKETpunch: just trying to make a living. something almost mary tyler moorish about it
mechaROCKETpunch: looks like i can make it afterall
jeffreyatw: You can do it, lil' brudder
mechaROCKETpunch: we'll find a place for you yet

Feel free to quote me out-of-context on any of that.
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