Jeffrey Carl Faden (jeffreyatw) wrote,
Jeffrey Carl Faden

Chris Mass

Hey dudes so last night, as a select few were fortunate enough to discover, the Amazing Marin Christmas Fairies trekked around town and gave us stuff. :D Simeon, Felix, Jeff, STEVE, and -some other guy!- are totally awesome for donning Santa hats and decking their car out in Christmas lights and drivin' around town and giving us stuff. They got me MILK CHOCOLATE INGOTS. So wow that was pretty awesome of you guys. ;D

For Chris' Mass I got some fancy shirts (some of my own, not hand-me-downs like usual :P), and some Acqua di Giò, like I asked for. :D Now I'll smell all Acqua di Giò-ey for the ladayz.

Next big things: hangin' with Mom on my birthday (tomorrow), and increasing the reservation at Max's from 8 people to 10. Even more details about party plans later, Lily's bugging me to get off the computer so she can post about her new iPoo.
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