Jeffrey Carl Faden (jeffreyatw) wrote,
Jeffrey Carl Faden

Birth birth birth being born

Note to self: try this when I get back to school...


Happy birthday, you sly dog! Saku made me this and it was an amazingly pleasant surprise. I am still being pleased now. Skies of Arcadia is the best RPG on the Dreamcast that I ever played in Saku's room... and more!!!

I'm going somewhere with my mom for my birthday. Perhaps some gallery on 4th street or going to a movie or something. It'll be nice. I think I'll spend the rest of the day changing "18" to "19" on all of my online bios everywhere. :P :P

But for more seriouses, I need to talk about party stuff. First of all, I'll be increasing the reservation at Max's from 8 to 11. This list shows status of who will/might be coming. Thanks a lot guys, it'll be great having all y'all over.

A few things I need to take care of:
- first, just FYI, I'm going to be paying for Max's for everyone - and while that's totally fine by me, perhaps the following movie (whatever that might be) could use some extra snacks provided by all. You know, chips, cookies, drinks, whatever. And by "whatever," I mean "whatever." You can bring whatever you want, yes, everything is okay. It's fine with me and it's fine with my parents. In fact, for those who are coming, could you please comment to tell me what you might bring, if anything? You're not required to but it'd be great if you could.
- beau, about your band playing - I definitely want to make time for you guys to set up, play a good amount... I'm thinking early afternoon, like some time around 3ish, when people are arriving. Talk to me about details - I'm psyched that you guys want to play - I just need some specifics about a few things.
- Saku, Paolo, Richie, I'm going to be driving around the bay around noon picking all y'all up. I'll probably make a loop around the bay, clockwise - Richie, you live in San Francisco, right?

That's about it. Woo the rest of this vacation will be fun. :D
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