Jeffrey Carl Faden (jeffreyatw) wrote,
Jeffrey Carl Faden

Teh boardwalk

There hasn't been a non-awesome day since I arrived here. Still making a lot of friends each day.

I went to a big college-wide club fair of sorts, where I signed up for the anime club, the techie club, and the Hillel program just because I might want to attend high holiday services.

People I met / re-met these past few days! These are Marin names so you're not expected to know them...

From TLHS: Blake Robinson, Gina Bartolacelli, Brian Larson, Alia Higgins.
From Marin: Robbie Hill, Corie Adams.
From Miller Creek (my middle school!): Chris Rauer. Haven't seen him in 4 years. Awesome.

And then there's Iris with the punked-out neon orange hair, Oniko the uber-anime-artist, Ron who's in my building and gots an all-out leopard tail and gloves, and Isabel who reads like every webcomic in existence. Might make her own soon. Then there's this girl with short hair who's really good at Percussion Freaks who also lives in my building, but I didn't get her name...

I played a lot of DDR at the Boardwalk tonight during the "UCSC Boardwalk Frolic," where you pay an admission fee and get all the rides for free and discounts on food, mini golf, bowling, laser tag, etc. I impressed some people with Sakura Double Heavy 'n stuff, and later on in the night I met a kid named Steven - his friends insisted that I challenge him to a battle. The results!

Love Shine: Beat him by score/perfects (11 greats, woo)
Speed Over Beethoven: He beat me by score, I beat him by perfects
Mahou no Tobira: My pad started screwing up, but I missed 5 - if I hadn't, we would have had the EXACT same score.
Candy <3 (Extra Stage): I AA/FC'd it and he failed it...

So yeah, I beat him by a little. But it was cool. I exchanged addresses and AIM SNs and so much stuff with him and everyone else and woo yeay.

Later I spent a few hours in a lounge looking through Oniko's massive collection of drawings, while I played some Jenga and talked comics with Isabel. Ron tried his luck with crayon for the first time in a while (with sexy results), Isabel doodled on my Pocket PC, and Oniko drew me a little somethin' somethin'. Hanging out with anime fans late at night continues to prove to be awesomely.

And so now it's really late and I'm-a get less than 6 hours of sleep, so that's about it. Weeoo.
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