Jeffrey Carl Faden (jeffreyatw) wrote,
Jeffrey Carl Faden

In other news

Today in Psych of Human Sexuality (fun course!), our prof asked for a show of hands about a variety of things. She asked once to see who would be willing to completely disclose everything sexual about themselves to researchers, and those who would be comfortable engaging in sexual acts for the purpose of being examined and studied.

I raised my hand, and it was slightly surprising to me that the vast majority of the 400-something people in the lecture hall didn't.

Call me an exhibitionist or a pervert or whatever, but I don't see anything wrong with something safe, confidential, and solely beneficial to the cause of science. Not to mention I'm already very candid (if asked) about my private life, or really anything I do. It was just interesting to me to see so many people be so hesitant about something like that.

Well, it is sex. If that's not private, I don't know what is... and I'm pretty sure a bunch of people didn't raise their hand to keep from being called "desperate" or something like that... I'm not saying that being a test subject for something like that wouldn't be pleasurable, but, believe it or not, I would do this to benefit research, not to just get my rocks off.

Eww Jeffrey is gross!!!
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