Jeffrey Carl Faden (jeffreyatw) wrote,
Jeffrey Carl Faden


Got my music midterm back... just mentioning this because it's slightly interesting -

28/30 on the first section.

28/30 on the second section.

0/20 on the third section...

He actually expected us to complete something bigger than the average Music 30 homework assignment in one class period? Waugh.

Fortunately, we're being allowed to append another 30 points to the test total and take another small test in a while... and we'll have a very long time. I'm still tee'd that he won't curve it so he can account for the small amount of time he gave us, but at least it'll raise my grade... it's a form of sympathy.

In other news, I've started playing the original Jak and Daxter, and Suikoden IV... both Saku's... I'm tackling them since no one else wants to play them.

Oh also I fell down the stairs today. Yes. Slipped on one of those goddamn plastic sand-paper-textured things that were bolted onto the corners of the stairs this year, fell and scratched up my back on the lot of them. I was late for a class already, so my back was bleeding while running to the class and sitting through the whole thing. Eeeww.

I'm really tired to be making a journal entry like this.
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