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LiveJournal post?

Okay here is my entire life summed up in one journal entry! This'll be a small one because I am really doing NOTHING nowadays!

1) My feet. They're hideous! Not as hideous as before but still, like if you haven't heard...

My feet have been having problems for the past year. They're all red and rashy and they develop scabs really easily. Yes, past year. I HAVE gone to a few doctors about this, and I've got cream for them, but.. yeah... anyway, this week they seem to be in a semi-presentable condition (read: MUCH BETTER THAN NORMAL), so here is a photo for you (warning: uh, read this paragraph again if you don't yet know what you should expect)

What's worse, this sorta stuff seems to be spreading throughout my whole body. My elbows are also all scabby and new little scabby spots are popping up all over my skin. I'm going to have to see a dermatologist about this, yeah. Looks like eczema, based on what I've been told and what I Google Image Searched for... barf.

2) beatmania IIDX... not as amazingly exciting as it's ever been, but with 3 new versions I've still got a lot of playing to do. Saku used to come over and play IIDX a lot but she hasn't recently. A kid at College 8, Stephen, has bought a IIDX controller and, with my help, modded it and his PS2... and he's getting 8th style too, but in the meantime, he's borrowing my 3rd style. He's better than I am at DDR, but he's just starting off on IIDX, but some day I might actually have someone to play against.

My second controller that I bought is taking very, VERY long to ship. Problems on the shipper's end. He's a SA goon with other people claiming they've received shipments from him, which makes me sorta trust him, but I'll believe it when it gets delivered...

3) School's same as always. Coming down to the end of the quarter, things get REALLY stressful, mostly because a lot of money is on the line. I'm aceing one class (graded) and I'm not totally sure how I'm doing in Music (graded), but I'm surely doing even worse in Human Sexuality (pass/no pass). Har. I suck at sex. But seriously, there's even a chance I might fail it if I don't stop screwing around and studying for the final. I'm at about 70% right now, so I'm totally borderline. Must get over 3.0 GPA this quarter and pass everything, or I pay for it.

4) Next quarter is even more music, an intro to linguistics to fulfill a requirement (also because I like linguistics), a music HISTORY class (part of a 4-quarter series required for majors, ugh), but to balance it out, a morning of sailing. It's a PE class. I'm looking forward to that. I'm glad it's a structured and basically required activity. Not worth any credit, but shows up on my record. You know. I'll meet new people. I'll learn new stuff.

5) My computer's still up and running but it's gone and totally frozen a few times in the past few days. I think it's because of my new case... while my new case looks all spiffy and seems to have better ventilation, it's designed horribly in that the screws for the PCI cards are too far away from where the PCI slots usually are on motherboards, which means that my sound card and my extra USB card are stretching the case's metal backing to be able to screw in securely... and even then, I don't know how secure they are. Like, right now, the USB card doesn't seem to be responding. :\

6) Friends... I don't know. I'm expanding my horizons. Strengthening bonds with people. Trying to sit with SOMEONE every day at lunch. That's all fine, but... I don't feel as if I have any true close friends here. No one who actively wants to talk to me. No one who I see as being able to click and talking about everything, sharing interests, getting along. I've made friends here, but I don't really feel as attached to any of them as I did with friends I made back at home.

Just gotta sit tight. There are still other people who I don't really know well, there are 9 other colleges to explore... I'll find a group that actually wants me around and wills to take me in.

This is not to say that I'm trying my hardest. I mean look, friends are #6 on my list, even though it really isn't numbered for any reason! But like I said, I'm "sitting tight." I'm not being as outward as I could be. So there's not too much to complain about. But a lot like the beginning of the Fall quarter, I'm finding myself just sitting in my room at the computer a lot... and Pirate certainly isn't getting any less annoying in IRC. :P

7) Spring break plans - I mentioned this, right? I'm going to see my grandpa, Joe. Yeah, I said this. Haven't really spent any time with him, ever. Only thing is I accidentally scheduled it for the wrong weekend, so the NIGHT I get back from North Carolina I have to go straight to UCSC... I had to move my flight back from a Monday to a Sunday, too, and that cost me extra... eh, of course money really isn't a big concern nowadays.

8) Oh right, my job. Slooooow. Wish they'd give me more to do, but I'm basically fulfilling all requirements of my job, which is maintaining the website... perhaps I'll poke and prod so they can give me more work. More work is more pay. More work is less time wasted writing long, drawn-out LiveJournal entries.

9) Started playing Suikoden IV and the original Jak and Daxter. But they're Saku's games, so they're at her room. So that's going slowly.

10) My vegetarian diet is going fine. I frown when I see I can't get any of the main courses for lunch or dinner, but I'm faring fine with my salads, omelettes, pastas, etc...

I really wish I now had the creativity I once had, like the real drive to create something like music or comics or Flash or whatever. I'm becoming really desensitized to my own creativity. It used to be that I always wanted to make things but never had any ideas, but now I don't even feel up to making anything.

Well. Gotta practice some stupid piano pieces for keyboarding tomorrow. Have a WONDERFUL.
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