Jeffrey Carl Faden (jeffreyatw) wrote,
Jeffrey Carl Faden

Let's put something into perspective.

I'm playing Chaotix, one of the more "recent" 2D home console Sonic games, and I'm playing Sonic Heroes, a recent 3D home console Sonic game...

Which one am I enjoying better? Sonic Heroes.

Here is a prime example of 3D finally beating out good ol' 2D... it's not a fair comparison as 2D Sonic games are still being made for handheld consoles and they're still pretty okay, but... you play Chaotix and you DON'T HAVE FUN. It's not a fast game - the control is AWFUL because you're stuck to your partner and the whole thing is about jumping up platforms where you have to get enough elasticity going to be able to propel your partner up first before you can jump up... UGH. This isn't freaking Ristar, you're not supposed to have elastic lines jutting all over the place.

But I digress! Sonic Heroes is a lot more fun simply because they try their best to make 3D very easy to work with. Almost all attacks lock on. The camera forces you to go certain places. And when all is said and done, it's FAST. Of course, some might be turned off by the fact that the characters are a lot more fleshed out... that is, they're very kiddy. All the cutscenes and all of the voices are very childish and cater to very young gamers. Then again, I was playing Sonic in 1991 and having the time of my life. I was young then too, and I wasn't given as much character development.

So right. Sonic Heroes. Much better than Chaotix. It's an actually enjoyable 3D Sonic game.

On a related note, I'm playing FF9 on ePSXe for some reason. The graphics are just so nice that I'm putting myself through my favorite Final Fantasy for the 3rd time.

Please excuse this horribly disjointed blahg, I just woke up...
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