Jeffrey Carl Faden (jeffreyatw) wrote,
Jeffrey Carl Faden


I probably, PROBABLY passed my keyboarding final. And it's probably, PROBABLY because I was chatting it up with my TA throughout the entire thing. Turns out she didn't know I wasn't emphasizing on piano, so when I said "voice" it all made sense to her. I learn things by ear. Actually learning to play things by reading notes and moving my hands places is NOT my forté.

Anyway, I've decided to change my schedule for next quarter, due to my sucking suck in piano.

Instead of taking Linguistics, I'm going to be taking Music 60, these supplementary piano lessons for Music 30. It'll lower my credits from 19 units to 16, but it'll be TOTALLY worth it, TOTALLY. I can't afford to take another 19-unit quarter, this one was hell... and given that one of my classes (Unix) was a TOTALLY easy A, and assuming that next quarter's 5-credit classes will NOT be easy... well, I'd rather take 2 than 3 if I can.

Phew. Still not out of the pit, though, I've got a Theory final later today, a Voice performance later today, and a Human Sexuality final tomorrow that I'll be reading the REST of today for...
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