Jeffrey Carl Faden (jeffreyatw) wrote,
Jeffrey Carl Faden


I came back home to find my car with mold growing all around the interior of the car, and its battery dead.

So I done gone fixed most of that. Nice new battery, and I've cleaned a bunch of the mold out but I'm still probably going to take it to a more professional interior car cleaner. Driving friends (James Paolo Sean Bobert etc.) yesterday was quite nerve-racking though, since every time we stopped somewhere we didn't know if the car was going to start up. Was pretty close, most of the time.

I got a whole fucking LOAD of ointment and other-type applications for my scabs. Cost me $40. But what's worse, the trip to the dermatologist to be told that I just basically need more of what I'm already taking cost $140. :|

I seriously forgot what I was going to say. It was something worth bloggin' about. OH WELL!

edit: Oh right, the Northgate Mall brought back DDR in case anyone still plays that game. Only thing is, they replaced DDR Extreme with DDR Megamix. That's right, the ugly, hacked version of Extreme with the blue backgrounds and other ugly crap. Namco Arcades, you so CARAYAZAYA.
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