Jeffrey Carl Faden (jeffreyatw) wrote,
Jeffrey Carl Faden


OMGOGMGMM I WNET DOWN TO EHT MMOVIE TEACHER AND AWS KILLBILL AND IT WAS eh, okay. I felt comfortable with my limited knowledge of Japanese dialect and culture enough to understand it thoroughly, but I'm not completely sure how much everyone else in the audience fared. Eh, it's not rocket science. The action sequences certainly were exciting.

So I'll get some extra reading done over the weekend instead. Things'll go well. I'll be developing even more of a social stature here, I guess.

Even after a fun night of movie, DDR, and my first food eaten off campus since I started school - psychedelic rainbow ice cream - I'm still feeling a little uneasy. It's funny how much I don't realize how much I need to get off my shoulders until I actually go ahead and do it. It's great that there are some awesome people with which to talk here.

Not planning on really disclosing here what I'm thinking right now... it'll all come soon enough, though, I'm sure.
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