Jeffrey Carl Faden (jeffreyatw) wrote,
Jeffrey Carl Faden

Shi yu nekusu taimu

Christie and I are no longer dating, as it were. On her part, it's because of family problems and the inability to balance a great deal of work with spending time with a boyfriend, and on my part, it's because we're better as friends - we don't really share any interests at all and our emotional capacities are far different. We do have a lot of similarities and we get along quite well - in fact, we're hanging out right now - but yeah, I'm single again. And I guess I should feel weird about it, but I'm already looking again. One of the bad traits about someone so unobsessed with emotions and the every day pains of life is that we often tend to move on very quickly - and often too quickly.

7-11 is perfect for the starving college student, hunger- and money- wise. I had two chili dogs and a Mandarin Orange Arizona Honey Jasmine Green Tea (whew) and it cost me less than 3 dollars.

And I'm feeling better. Now to save my social tendencies for Monday - I've got some major reading to do when I wake up.

jeffrey ATW: But yes, I had a good summer too. Whenever I talk about my overall social development, I always mention that this past summer was the most important period for that aspect in my life.
PluieSurMaTerre: How so?
jeffrey ATW: I learned what love is, in many many senses of the word.
PluieSurMaTerre: So did I
jeffrey ATW: How to express it, the extent to which it can be taken, unrequited instances, the act itself, when to say it, etc.
PluieSurMaTerre: Wow, our summers were so alike it's almost frustrating. All of those things occured for me too.
jeffrey ATW: Heheheh, wow. And I'm sure it was that way for a lot of us. It seemed to be.
PluieSurMaTerre: Yeah. Although, I question how genuine it is for some.
jeffrey ATW: Everyone's got their own levels; everyone lives in their own world.
PluieSurMaTerre: Yep.
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