Jeffrey Carl Faden (jeffreyatw) wrote,
Jeffrey Carl Faden

National Walk Out Of Class When You're Done With It Day

I was a total REBEL TODAY!!!

I totally slept through my Music section because the whole class was going over a quiz we did last Friday; one that I had gotten 107% on! So I didn't really need to be attentive to listen to what I got right.

Today everyone was supposed to stand up and walk out of their class at noon and join some rally that will most DEFINITELY prove SOME point, but since the class ended at 12:10, I walked out then instead! Now I'm rebelliously posting in my LiveJournal, just a little over an hour since I last did!


edit Anyone else who uses Hotmail, are you getting that big Flash tower ad that uses your first name? At least, it says "Jeffrey is a smart guy because he uses Hotmail." I'm just wondering if, for anyone who entered their first name as "FUCKFACE McGEE," if it says "Popular guy, that FUCKFACE McGEE."
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