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Man I haven't posted on this journal for 3 days now! Is something wrong with me???

Done with all my midterms. I think I did well on all four of my Music core class midterms, although I'm quite disappointed in my ear training grade (104%, my lowest yet. :\) The second half of this week was really relaxing, and well-deserved. But next week resumes the usual routine of quiz after quiz after quiz. Wish me perpetual luck for another month, thanks.

Now I'm officially the maintainer of ucsc. I'm proud of myself! First thing I did was unban mingster and make him a co-maintainer, heh. We're cracking down on posts that don't belong in UCSC, and cross-posting in general. It's mainly to please the alumni - they don't want posts like "GIMME A RIDE" or "GIMME NOTES" or "GIMME HEAD," so we just kindly (as possible) ask people to move their posts over to ucsc_chatter, the unmoderated underbelly of UCSC LiveJournal communities. :)

I went and saw Dear Frankie, a Scottish film, with Chelsea on Friday night, after having some L8 and stopping off at Marini's for what was, indeed, the best hot chocolate ever. Dear Frankie's a really great movie - I've got a soft spot for films about father and son... this movie was really similar to one of my favorites, About A Boy, where a kid doesn't really have a dad and finds one and they really get along etc. etc. etc. It was pretty cliché, but all of the characters were so well-developed that it didn't even matter that it felt as if I had seen it many a time before. Highly recommendo!

I'm going to the Monterey Bay Aquarium tomorrow with my hall. I don't really know why - I think it's just 'cause our hall has really never had "events" or "outings" before, so it's a nice retreat. Sorta weird to have it on Mother's Day, though. I wonder just how many people are actually going.

PC repair is really fun. I love it. Fiddling around with hardware, optimizing software, ahh... it's great.

About that - I'm thinking of re-installing Windows tomorrow, just because I haven't had a fresh install in quite the long time. I'm not sure how much more of a performance boost I'd get, because actually, I've been keeping really good track of my registry settings and basically tweaked everything the way I ... want... uh... you know, actually, I think I'm just fine. I'll keep things the way they are. Too much unnecessary hassle. :P

Gotta help Ron with computer stuff, bye.
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