Jeffrey Carl Faden (jeffreyatw) wrote,
Jeffrey Carl Faden

UCSC @ 1:30am

I did my final concert choir performance tonight. It went well. We went to the cast party afterwards where there was great bread and cheese and the like. I had to leave early though, to catch a performance of the Rocky Horror Picture Show. I was a "virgin" as it were, meaning I had never really seen it, so people scrawled crap on my face, denoting such. So the performance was just as I had expected - just pure raunch, yelling, inside jokes, harassing of the audience, etc. After having walked from Mission Street to the base of campus - I don't know, that's like 2 miles uphill - and then sitting in a hot room with everyone screaming obscenities and my view being blocked by some guy's fat head for two hours, it was just too much for me so I decided to leave early.

Tonight was one of those awesome nights, where the temperature's amazing and the fog's rolled in. Of course, cameras like my dinky crappy one can't really capture fog too well... but they're pleasant to look at anyway. These sorts of views are the reason I chose to go to UCSC in the first place. Forgive crappy quality on a lot of them - I don't have a tripod or anything and half of them were just attempts at me trying to hold the camera steady. And near the end, of course, I went crazy.

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