Jeffrey Carl Faden (jeffreyatw) wrote,
Jeffrey Carl Faden

<bruk> time for DoD
<Doompuppet> Dorld of Doorcraft
<bruk> no.
<Doompuppet> Damn. It's never dorld of doorcraft.
<bruk> day of defeat >:[
<Doompuppet> Ah
<Quasispace> Does Dorld of Doorcraft offer customizable door handles?
<Doompuppet> No.
<Doompuppet> But there's talk of a patch
<JeffreyAtW> Dorld of Doorcraft lets you choose from plastic handles, stainless steel handles, wood handles, locking handles, machine handles
<JeffreyAtW> they can be different shapes and sizes, you can also customize what the door is made of
<JeffreyAtW> it depends on its class
<JeffreyAtW> if it is a security door you can buy lasers for it
<JeffreyAtW> if it's a residential door you can hang wreaths on it to up its Spirit
<bruk> silly stupid dumbdumb
<Doompuppet> I'm more interested in hinges
<JeffreyAtW> the question is, though
<JeffreyAtW> why do all my jokes make me sound like I'm 90 years old
<Doctor_Nick> dude
<Doctor_Nick> i can get you a fucken brass knocker for 6 double sided hinges
<JeffreyAtW> add in a tweed doormat and you got a deal
<Sketchee> BEEEES
<Doompuppet> I want to play Doorcraft now.

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