Jeffrey Carl Faden (jeffreyatw) wrote,
Jeffrey Carl Faden


Who is going to Fanime? I am going to Fanime. Bear is driving to Fanime! How can this be???

Posting this now because I've come across a few friends who are thinking about plans, looking for places to stay, etc. etc. etc. I'm one of those people "looking for a place to stay" - I can afford a hotel room, and I just might do that, IF I STAY FOR MORE THAN ONE DAY. I only really want to go to Fanime if my friends are going too, and if everyone's just going on one day, I'll be going that day too... but yeah, anyway.

I'm either staying at my house over that weekend (27th-30th) and going to Fanime for just a day, or NOT going home and staying at the hotel/Fanime for a few days. Either way, I haven't made any reservations as of yet. Who is going, who has already reserved a hotel room, who needs a hotel room, who took my frog, who found my frog?

Edit: Looked at hotel rates - Marriott and Hilton - and all I can say is DAMN. Twice as expensive as I thought - meaning I'm not renting a room unless someone else is willing to share it with me. I might find someone from school, but please do tell me if you're interested. It'd be $80 a day. (And yet again, this is only happening if anyone DOES want to stay for more than a day.)
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