Jeffrey Carl Faden (jeffreyatw) wrote,
Jeffrey Carl Faden

I did it again!

I made my own food, WOO! And this time the end product doesn't look like shit, but like last time, it also doesn't taste like shit either!!! :D

I made pot stickers from scratch, using yet another recipe from GBSFood. Something Awful saves my life once again!

My babies, pre-incineration. Only a few came out retarded after folding everything up.

End result!

Check out that texture.

Pork and cabbage innards!

They look different than in the original recipe because 1) I flipped 'em over a few times to get both sides browned, 2) they're freaking MASSIVE - the original recipe was supposed to make like, 5 times as much or something, and 3) I'm still a cooking newb. I didn't screw anything up, though, and like I said, the end product was taaaaaasteeeeeeee. And I've still got enough of everything to make yet another batch, and I just might.
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