Jeffrey Carl Faden (jeffreyatw) wrote,
Jeffrey Carl Faden

Revenge, justice

This hits me almost every time I listen to or read the news...

We've got our government going around and making excuses for the ways prisoners are treated in places like Guantanamo Bay and Abu Ghraib, while simply not apologizing for what's happened... and I guess it really makes sense. Why are we in Iraq in the first place? To me, it looks like we're there to exact America's unfocused rage and vengeance on a place that, to us, looks like it could use a little beating up. In this way, America as a whole looks just like a solitary soldier who's filled with blind patriotism and is taking it out on a solitary prisoner, by making him defecate on himself or whatever you'd like to hear about what's happening in these prisons.

So our army recruits these dumb, uneducated Americans to go and beat people senseless over some false sense of pride that we've instilled in them, and our government doesn't even think twice. What I'm saying it that it's probably because our country as a whole is acting like one of these dumb, uneducated American soldiers.

Revenge is such a primitive concept. We'll hold grudges forever. Supporters of this war obviously don't see it, but this is a perfect example of revenge being taken out on the wrong people, and even so - if it was taken out on the right people, what would that do? We're spreading even more hatred by doing so, case in point, the emerging Iraqi civil war between the Shiites and the Sunnis, something almost unrelated to what our goals are... whatever those might be.

Call it karma if you like, but I just like to call it cause and effect - our nation is greatly suffering because of what we're doing to other nations. Nothing good has come of our hatred and sense of "justice." It's becoming more apparent every day. The economy, worldwide support, PUBLIC OPINION POLLS, you name it. I feel bad about the fact that it's come to affect me and those about whom I care, but given what our country's doing, I completely understand why it's happening. There's no reason why not.

Oh well.
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