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Left to right: me, bruceman, sleepyjim, coyotecoyote, empathy4apathy, granulac, ian_j. Not pictured: Matt Wilson. Ian's holding a sign Matt wrote that says "hi im matt." But I got him later! I got him good!

Here's a cute couple

My favorite cosplay... I saw Waldo too but he was too elusive for a picture

Sunday morning, we got off the trolley after coming back from the apartment where the aforementioned people were staying, and everyone was totally stuck and couldn't cross the street to enter the con center because of this giant train in the way. At this point the train was ALMOST leaving but it stopped right before it gave us enough space to pass through. Whatever.

soygirl and Diana Yee (I think?) waiting for the train to move.

Keenspot panel. It was better than I thought it'd be. And look in the corner, it's Matt Wilson!
FYI Matt Wilson does not use napkins when he eats greasy things and wipes his hands on his pants.

Shots of RedOctane's new game, Guitar Hero, which I might get. Looks mighty awesome and all of the songs they demo'd were licensed songs by people like ZZ Top, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Megadeth, the Donnas, Jimi Hendrix, etc.

Stayed mostly Brad's house, a friend of Sophie. The guy, not the house. His house is cool and his parents are really nice. Also stayed for a night, like I said earlier, at a joint hotel room where all the bagofchips people stayed, along with people like superhappy and that guy from HDTC. Ate a lot of expensive food. I bought some shirts, and comics from webcomic people. Sophie bought a whole lot more than me.

Transportation via Amtrak totally sucked and if I go again I'm totally leaning towards driving there myself. I'm a light sleeper so I really couldn't get any sleep.

I don't know how much drama you could say there was, but I heard Scott Kurtz was a bitchass to some people. And then I was a bitchass to the internet when I got back because I'm totally sleepy and pissed off about some... other things.

BTW I didn't even read the new HP book, I mean you guys are the ones going "I AM VALIDATING WHAT YOU ARE CLAIMING." :)
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