Jeffrey Carl Faden (jeffreyatw) wrote,
Jeffrey Carl Faden

New design!

JeffreyAtW v4.1 - CAR #2
Let's say I did it because of CAR reaching 200 strips (in a few days). This took me all day to do. The shiny glossy Apple-rip-off stuff was done in Flash, which I'm proud of. Vectors to the max, baybay. Unfortunately, placement of that mountains image in the background could only be done in Photoshop due to some complex masking, so I had to throw everything in there. Also, to separate each blog entry even further, I made this nice fadey gray gradient thing at the bottom of each one.

Tell me what you think because I did this instead of increasing my backlog of comics! Or socializing! Or eating! Damn, I missed lunch...

On a slightly related note: for those who missed it, you can subscribe via LJ to CAR using car_comic. The feed's located at
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