Jeffrey Carl Faden (jeffreyatw) wrote,
Jeffrey Carl Faden


Eberyday, robberyday. Hippy-happy robberyday.

Also, here, have a dance.

Also, I don't really like FPS's but the direction and carnage in this WW2-themed Xbox 360 gameplay video is amazing.

Yesterday was nice. If we all look past my bitching and moaning and sighing about getting everything organized and happenin', things were good.

Met Sophie's SG-bound friend. Ate at Pasta Pomodoro (which at this age is like, perfect - perfect price, good enough food, atmosphere is decent, etc.). Zoomed down 280 at an average of 90MPH and only arrived 20 minutes late to the show. Enjoyed the show. Saw Lauren, chatted it up. Zoomed back listening to Katamari Damacy, Led Zeppelin, and Vib Ribbon.

Ending paragraph.

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