Jeffrey Carl Faden (jeffreyatw) wrote,
Jeffrey Carl Faden

Because "because "because "because "because ...

The only party I went to I think was at chibiendy's house but that was more of a poker gathering! But there's one at my house tonight for James's birthday! Oh yeah and there was the Drake gathering at the beginning of the summer on the beach where I was the lifesaver since I was the only one who brought food and non-alcoholic beverages!

Spending the night, ey? I spent the night with David McGuire! But that's because I didn't want to sleep on the floor.

I probably laughed until my sides hurt! I don't know about peeing my pants!

Went to San Diego for vacation! As for a tan I got a sunburn at the beach!

I didn't go to camp!

The only swimming I did this summer was sittin around in Brad's hot tub in San Diego but I also went to the beach!

I saw a lot of movies! Most memorable is Hustle and Flow which my mom took us too and that was weird!

I went shopping! Even this morning! For pasta!

I had a job at Sun Microsystems and I still will for a few more weeks but I am now working at home!

Yeah I probably got bored but not nearly as much as previous summers!

I totally got sunburned! I think I already said this!

There has been a little rain but not enough for a thunderstorm!

I didn't leave the state this summer!

I didn't change my appearance much besides cutting off most of my hair at the very beginning! I now have a little goatee thing but that's just because I'm too lazy to shave all of it off!

I went to the hospital to talk about my Wellbutrin medication which I am not taking anymore!

The only way I broke the law was by pirating a lot of stuff but that obviously doesn't count for some strange reason, kinda!

Almost drove down to San Diego but took the Amtrak instead! For a back-up road trip, James Paolo and some guy from UCSC and I drove to tracy to have some awful fast food!

I was swinging single this summer and it was nice but I'd rather not be as of right now so I might change that when I get back to college!

I went to Lily's band's final concert! Probably other concerts too but I forget!

I didn't get in trouble at all with anyone pretty much!

I had totally memorable moments this whole summer! Uh but I sorta forgot a lot of them by now. No horribly bad moments though!

I didn't really make new friends besides the kids at ucsc_incoming but I am totally making a lot of friends when I get back to school it will be awesome! I miss people already from Porter and it will be good seeing them again!

I didn't sleep outside but as for sleeping under the stars I guess I did because I sleep under a skylight!

I've been thinking about school! My thoughts might seem disjointed but keep in mind this is a meme in disguise!

Goddamn it I already told you guys I went to the beach what the hell!

And yeah I thought about people what the hell kind of a dumbass question is that oh wait I don't mean I was asked that because this is a blog not a meme heh okay that's the end of this blog.
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