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Notice: My original journal entry got deleted as I was just about to press "submit." TWICE. Anyway!

Lots of happenings have been... happening.

First off, I'm not sure if I'm ever going to post the second part of my "history" blog. I have it mostly written, but I'm too bored to finish it.

I'm playing a whole freaking lot of bemaniaDX (and MixWaver][ when it falls short), hence, I am much better at beatmania now. I've been downloading a bunch of songs from the IRC server and my collection even spans to keysounded Final Fantasy OST BMSs, and even an Um Jammer Lammy one. Very funs.

I'm coming home on Thanksgiving weekend. We have to do something fun. Seriously, you guys.

For my core class, I'm making a comic about my grandma's experience in the late 1930's in Vienna. She's a holocaust survivor. I'll be posting it up on deviantART when I'm done with it. Just need to color it today...

In other art news, I'm going to start off on a new comic, OTAKUBOY, based on a true story. I'll probably be a collaborative work with a few of my friends around the campus, and I'm sure there will be no structured update schedule. You can check out a quick sketch I did here.

Yes, I've been doing even more hangings-out with people in the women's hall. No need to "worry" about me, though... I mean, a few other guys hang out there as well, it's all good. We had quite the weekend.

On Friday, we went downtown and treated ourselves to some sushi at Benten. After eating dining hall food for two months, sushi is really, really good. Afterwards, we returned to the dorms to watch the Matrix: Reloaded. A lot more of it makes sense after having seen Revolutions. Oh, did I mention I went to see that on its opening day? I liked it.

The next day, the lot of us took a trip to the Capitola Mall, which is a whole lot like the Northgate Mall in Marin, since they're both owned by the Macerich company. I even held my breath and stepped into Hot Topic. It's scary in there. I also stopped off in GameStop and tried out an N-Gage. So freaking impractical. But it got me to thinking about what I want for Christmas. Yes, I finally have things I want. THE LIST SO FAR IS AS FOLLOWS!!!

A second monitor
A second hard drive
A IIDX controller
A pony
...uh, Max Payne 2, I guess
And FFXI is probably already coming, but money for the subscription is cool
A pony

After we returned from the mall, we experienced a series of power outages. Running around with flashlights was fun. We then had some late-night dining across campus, and hung out with a few people at Crown and Merrill colleges. And then we walked all the way back to Porter in thick fog. It was really nice.

Ah. Good weekend. And listening to Hirofumi Sasaki's Tamayura over and over makes me feel even better.

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