Jeffrey Carl Faden (jeffreyatw) wrote,
Jeffrey Carl Faden

Weird dream

I slept late today since I've nothing to do this week, and it ended up with me having a really weird dream...

I was in someone's RV where he had a lot of calendars, and some of his calendars said that next Sunday was September 14, while others said it was September 18 (the day I move back into UCSC). Turns out that some of the calendars were made before they added October into the months, so they're just old (but made for 2005 anyway. :P)

So, getting the date right, it turned out that it WAS Sunday and that I was supposed to head down to UCSC. So I said goodbye to everyone on the RV, who turned out being really friendly, loving versions of the cast of Family Guy.

Before I knew it I was in what didn't look like UCSC but was, but I arrived with all my stuff barely packed and just strewn around the room.

I don't know when this part fits into the dream, I don't know if it happened before the whole RV scene or right after I arrived in UCSC, but I was at some sort of county fair where Paolo was running a bunch of stuff, including some zoology-related contest where he had to make a list of people who won something.

So it turned out that the first class I went into when I got back to UCSC was continuing work on that poster, like, they didn't get it done or something... so I ended up taking that class, which was Zoology, but everyone was seated at lab tables as if it was Chemistry or something... and then we ended up having lunch in the classroom but these girls didn't know where to clean their plates...

... and that was about it. I woke up sorta panicked and feeling like, "oh no I'm at UCSC, I've enrolled in Zoology and nothing else, I'm ruined," and then I realized I was in my bed and it was Wednesday. But this morning I looked around my house and things were weird, like my stubble seemed darker than normal and no one was around and a bag of cat food is downstairs all torn up (raccoons must have gotten in)... waking up from a weird dream and seeing weird stuff sorta disjoints you a lot.
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