Jeffrey Carl Faden (jeffreyatw) wrote,
Jeffrey Carl Faden

God of Computers

Hi fellow geeks, I have a dilemma.

My dad got me an iPod charger/FM transmitter for my birthday, worth $70. Here's the problem, though: I don't need it! I use an audio tape adapter in my car instead, and I can always charge/sync from my laptop... so we went to CompUSA to return it.

While I was in CompUSA looking for a replacement present worth around the same amount, though... it hit me.

I didn't need ANYTHING in the entire store! I looked at mice, keyboards, PDA accessories, laptop accessories, games, printers, CDs/DVDs, hard drives, cell phone accessories, etc. etc... I either already had it, didn't need it, or didn't want it. I tried my hardest to look for stuff I might like but definitely don't need... just really unnecessary but cool stuff I could use... and I was completely unsuccessful.

Then I went home and jumped onto ThinkGeek... a few low-priced items caught my eye, like this key-shaped multi-tool and some neat lights... I dunno. I might get one or two of those, but I'm just not very enthusiastic about anything.

So my request, for you geeks out there: recommend to me some cool geeky electronics priced around $70. I'll probably just end up keeping the money and using it for games or, uh, food and rent. But if anyone can recommend something extra cool I'll go for it!!!
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