Jeffrey Carl Faden (jeffreyatw) wrote,
Jeffrey Carl Faden


Oh yeah. I saw Return of the King with whiterabbitcbConrad</lj> last night too. It was quite good. I guess this makes Lord of the Rings the best movie trilogy in history. What more can you want than Rotten Tomatoes ratings?!

FotR: 95%
TTT: 98%
RotK: 97%

Yes. For slightly more serious news, I have a question... it's sorta like those survey things like "WOULD U HAEV SEX WTIH ME" and the like, but yeah, answer seriously. And answer whoever you are. Even if I'm on your friends list and you don't know why.

What am I to you?

This isn't a plea for compliments. In fact, it's the contrary. I've duped myself into believing that I have no enemies and no one holds any grudges against me. If you can think of any negative traits at all, then by all means, tell me. I'm devoid of constructive criticism. Oh, and if all you can think of is good things, I guess that'd work too. :P
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