Jeffrey Carl Faden (jeffreyatw) wrote,
Jeffrey Carl Faden

Plans for upcoming week

Today: Going on hike with mom. Not much in the evening.

Monday: Lunch with Hannah in Berkeley maybe!
Maybe maaayyybe seeing Lily's show at Slim's in the evening, but it's sold out, and I'm not too special.

Tuesday: NOTHING! This space for rent, starting at $0.

Wednesday: Something really important, but it's in an alternate universe, so nothing.

Thursday: Sitting and animating "BUS" - in other words, nothing.

Friday: Uhhh... it's Friday. But still nothing.

Saturday: Maybe we can all go to this karaoke bar we went to last night. It was fun. But seriously folks, nothing on Saturday.

Sunday: Goin' back to school.

It is very important that these spaces be filled! If you or anyone you know can reserve plans for these empty spaces please comment here or gimme a call! Or ELSE!!!
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