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On the topic of lodging

I just realized when I was exposing my naked, moist, hairy body to the interior of that unfortunate shower stall, that my housing fear is unfounded!

The one thing I've been worrying about this whole time is that once I move into my own place or share it with friends, all I'll be making for myself will be Pasta Roni and frozen dinners, hence, my health and fitness will go to shit. For serious, eating the food served on campus can be consistently healthy if you're not an idiot. But it's not like I can't cook, it's just, I know I'll get lazy and I'll end up making the same fallback stuff over and over again.

But then I realized, why am I worrying? I am a MAN! What has popular culture from the past ten thousand years taught men? They're supposed to be reclining and watching football after a hard day's sitting-in-the-office while WOMEN are in the kitchen baking them a well-balanced, healthy dinner that might be followed by some goddamn pie.

So with complete seriousness, I say to all females: get back in the kitchen! Or else this fine specimen of man-meat will become less than desirable.
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