Jeffrey Carl Faden (jeffreyatw) wrote,
Jeffrey Carl Faden

Good times!

Things are going goodish!

Uth TV put my animation on their front page... it's sort of a different honor than Newgrounds, where the users vote what gets on front... this time it's actually the people working there. So that happened...

...and then they contacted me about possibly doing more for them, for pay! Weow! And I was brainstorming some ideas anyway. If this goes through this'll be great. It might even be my summer job, who knows.

Ran around campus and delivered the DVD of BUS to Chautauqua, Stevenson Film Festival, and SCTV. And I'm pretty much officially done doing stuff with BUS! 'Cept seeing it on the 15th at the film festival, I guess.

Saw a friend of the family at the boardwalk tonight, which is cool. I think he goes to Cabrillo. I got to wow his friends with some ITG skillz. I can pass a bunch of 10s now... woo.

Hannah saw the mayor of San Francisco walking around NYC for some reason! That's pretty neat!

And Lily's getting into gay disco house! Hooray for that mixtape I made!

Although due to my good mood and saying all these things about all the cool stuff I'm doing, I've realized that some people think I hate them while I actually don't. If you think I'm angry at you chances are that I'm not since I'm not angry at anyone, including you!
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